We can help you achieve zero-waste.

Goal: we strive to be the #1 industrial recycler in the Northeast.

Plastics - PET, PE-HD, PVC, PE-LD, PP, PS, O • Paper and Cardboard Metals - Copper, Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Iron and Wires • Wood • Glass • Electronics • Zero Waste

We are the recycling division of Power Pallet, Inc.

Who We Are

Power Recycling, located in Amsterdam, New York, is striving to be largest industrial recycler in the Northeast. We recycle cardboard, plastic, shrink wrap, paper, metal and wood. We pay rebates based on volume and weight at current market rates. The dry recyclables can be placed on the same trailer as pallets to allow Power Recycling with our parent company, Power Pallet, to be a “one-stop shop” for our customers. We strive to be eco-friendly and environmentally conscious in all that we do. The best assignment writers have written about our mission. We are proud to state that our products are all 100% recycled as we reuse and recycle everything from all wood components to scrap nails. We try not to send anything to landfills because we aim for zero-waste! Power Recycling is the most environmentally responsible, cost-effective solution to your material handling needs and we've been doing it right since 1975. You can also save your money and nerves when you buy essay papers from experts who are good and experienced in writing.

We save you money, and help protect the environment.

Our mission:

Save Money: We pay you for your recyclable materials plus you’ll save money on trash services. If you qualify, we’ll even conduct a free waste audit and let you know how much money we can save you. This is so easy as saving your time by requesting write my essay assistance from writing services.

Support Sustainability: Industrial recycling is an important component of creating a sustainable society. Collecting and reusing our limited natural resources ensures our children and their children will have a bright future.

Improve Material Flow: Today’s manufacturing and logistics environment places increasing demands on efficient use of materials. A waste audit can help identify areas where materials can be reduced, eliminated or recycled.

Our Customers Love Us!

  • Rick Veysey, Division Vice President of Operations
    The service that Power Recycling provides by giving us the ability to load all of our recyclable materials onto one trailer without sorting is a significant benefit to us.  As you could see from walking through our building we are very limited with space with no room for storing our recyclables. Providing a second trailer to us so that we can continue loading has also been an essential part in freeing up space in our warehouse so that we can work safely and efficiently. We look forward in continuing doing business with you.
    Rick Veysey, Division Vice President of Operations
    Black River Produce - A Division of Reinhart, Inc
  • Mike Cavanaugh
    I’ve been working with Power Pallet for about 1½ years. I was going through some books and a friend of mine told me about Power Pallet. They are excellent. I’ve never worked with a pallet company this good before. They are honest. They tell me upfront if they cannot do something, not the day they were supposed to do something. I recycle cardboard with them. I do a lot of overseas pallets and their quality is excellent, as is their pricing. Everything is heat-treated. I’ve saved a lot of money working with Power Pallet. I couldn’t ask for anything better.
    Mike Cavanaugh
    Utica Alloys
  • Cynthia Routi
    I have been working with Power Pallet since 2012. They build custom pallets for us. Our pallets need to hold 1800 pounds, so not too big, but not too small. The other company we were working with had quality problems. Their pallets would fall apart, not Power Pallet's. The only thing they could do better for me is deliver faster. I needed an extra load of pallets this month and it took them a week to get it here.
    Cynthia Routi
    Storflex Fixtures
  • John Robillard
    I started working with Power Pallet a couple of years ago.  I found them by word-of-mouth.  I had a backlog of pallets to get rid of. Power Pallet is completely trouble-free. They leave a trailer. I fill it up with pallets and recyclable material, send them an email, and within two days, the trailer has been exchanged with an empty trailer.  There is nothing they could do better.
    John Robillard
    Poulin Grain
  • Joe Lower
    I have been working with Power Pallet for 2½ years. I found Power Pallet on the internet when searching for recycling pallets. I had a lot of pallets in the yard; searched the internet for a pallet recycler and found Power  Pallet. Power Pallet handles all of my recycling. They are very good, very professional and courteous, and they do what they say they are going to do. There is nothing that Power Pallet could be doing better.
    Joe Lower
  • Marcelo Sampaio
    I have been working with Power Pallet for about a year. I do recycling with them. Panera changed companies because the other company’s trailers were very beat up and unsafe. Power Pallet is extremely responsive. I send an email and they pick up the full trailer, dropping off an empty trailer within two days and sending me a check. Trevor is really on top of it. There is nothing that Power Pallet could do better.
    Marcelo Sampaio
    Panera Bread
  • Ron David
    I have been working with Power Pallet for close to a year. The previous person in my position recommended that I use Power Pallet. Power Pallet is extremely responsive. Prices have been good.  They give fair notice to price increases. There is nothing better that Power Pallet could do for me.
    Ron David
    International Paper
  • Erik Larsen
    I’ve been working with Power Pallet for nine to ten years.  I discovered Power Pallet when I opened a distribution warehouse for Target. It  was a lot of work to get Target to allow me to use a non-corporately endorsed  company for recycling, but I was so dissatisfied with my current pallet company, I  finally prevailed. I then brought Power Pallet into Ginsberg’s Food's when he started working there. I know Sam and Gary from my days at Target. Power Pallet has grown quite a bit in the last nine to ten years. They place a lot of value on exceptional customer service, and they are very progressive in an industry that you wouldn’t ordinarily think of as very exciting. They minimize the work for me in recycling. A phone call or an email, and the trailer is exchanged within two days. They are a no-work vendor. This is very unusual today. They greatly assist in Ginsberg’s Food’s carbon footprint reduction strategy. They are a "well-oiled machine." I can call Gary or Sam or anyone at Power Pallet and I get an answer. They are knowledgeable. They blow the national and local recyclers out of the water. Anything they could do better? I appreciate the consulting service they provide. Several times Power Pallet has come into our facility and assisted us in looking for alternate sources of recycling. We help each other out. The SHARP certification is a truly exceptional accomplishment, placing Power Pallet in the upper echelons of all businesses in New York. They could offer consulting on the safety side of the business. SHARP certification is no walk in the park. Combining Power Pallet’s actual experience with SHARP could provide a large benefit to new and existing customers.
    Erik Larsen
    Ginsberg's Foods
  • Nicole Schaffer
    Their customer service is out of this world. We had an issue with the quality of their pallets. Within two weeks, Trevor came and spent four days at our facility. He even  toured the plant. Power Pallet goes above and beyond. They deliver pallets for us and handle our recycling. They sent us a PowerPoint presentation that explained the difference between an “A” pallet and a “B” pallet.  We have been working with Trevor and he is great.  They gave us 60 days' notice on a price increase and this is great. We can build it into our system. I don’t know how we first started working with Power Pallet. We have been working with them since 2008.
    Nicole Schaffer
    Euphrates Cheese
  • Jeff Hotaling
    I’ve been working with Power Pallet for 20 years. I bring them along to every company I work for. Power Pallet builds custom pallets for me. Their turn-around time is exceptional. Place an order and it comes within one to two days.  I work with Dave, Mike and Gary. Back in the day, I worked with Sam. Price-wise there isn’t anybody less expensive.  There isn’t anything that they could do better for me. I don’t take advantage of their recycling program because corporate has a national account setup.
    Jeff Hotaling
  • Bill Sorel
    One call does it all -- from pallets to paper to plastic. Power Pallet is my pallet supplier and recycler, despite the pressure from the corporate office. I can deal with just one vendor. The reason I like working with Power Pallet is because they can handle all of my pallet and recycling needs together. Power Pallet has great service. I've been working with Sam and Gary for over seven years. Power Pallet recycles everything. First it was paper, then it was plastic and even metal. One email and within 24 hours it is taken care of. Power Pallet is flexible and responsive. Gary and Sam think outside the box, catering to our individual needs. They have reduced the number of pulls from our compactor and reduced our waste removal expense. There is nothing Power Pallet could do better for me. I, on the other hand, would like to be able to do more for them.
    Bill Sorel
    United Stationers Supply
  • Frank Nesbitt
    Perhaps the truly best aspect about Power Recycling is that they are just good people.
    Frank Nesbitt
    Ace Hardware
  • Mike Vogel
    When I am in a pinch, like if I call late on a Friday and I need pallets on Monday, Dave says, "If that’s what you need, that’s what we'll do.”
    Mike Vogel
    Bimbo Bakeries
  • Dennis Chaffee
    From my very first meeting, they welcomed me like family. There is nothing they could do better for us...
    Dennis Chaffee
    APC Paper

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