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Industrial Waste Recycling – We Recycle Everything

Power Recycling, a division of Power Pallet, specializes in industrial waste recycling. Located in Amsterdam, New York, we service customers within a 250-mile radius. Our markets include: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Achieve Zero Waste.

Nearly every industrial process produces different types of waste by-products, many of which are reusable materials. Our waste auditing services offer turnkey solutions for companies trying to reduce their carbon footprint or trying to achieve zero waste.  We direct as much material as possible to domestic end users to maintain jobs in the USA.

We started recycling almost 40 years ago with our parent company, Power Pallet. Back then we recycled and reused wood pallets. Our customers were asking for more.

Our commitment to our customers and our environment are two of the driving forces behind our success. At Power Pallet and Power Recycling we recycle everything and are environmentally conscious in everything we do. The result is you get 100% recycled product and a healthier environment.

At Power Recycling we can help you:

Save Money

Support Sustainability

Improve Material Flow

Our Expertise Turns Waste Into Money

Our recycling expertise starts in-house. We recycle virtually everything. Nothing goes to the landfill. Our waste stream audit process provides you with cost-effective solutions to minimize waste and maximize recycling and diversion.

Our industrial recycling experts can show you how to make money from your waste materials. Power Recycling will supply a baler if the volumes of dry recyclables are sufficient. We even save you money by reducing the volume of trash hauls.

We provide industrial recycling services for:

Paper and Cardboard, Plastics, Wood, Metal and Electronics.

Rebates will be paid according to market value based on weight and volume.
The dry recyclables can be placed on the same trailer as pallets to allow the team of Power Pallet and Power Recycling to be a “one-stop shop” for all of your material handling needs.

We Put Customers First. Always.

Our customers will attest that Power Recycling’s success is based upon creating legendary customer service. We work to create unique solutions to your industrial recycling needs.

Here is what our customers have told us:

From our drivers to the president, excellence in customer service permeates throughout Power Recycling. Communication is excellent. The level of service is outstanding.

Here is a summary of customer feedback developed by an outside agency:

  • They do it all – pallets and recycling
  • Excellent customer service
  • Honest
  • They do what they say they are going to do.
  • They are like family
  • I feel like I really matter to them.
  • Gary and Sam are just good people
  • They go above and beyond
  • When I am in a pinch they come through
  • They communicate well
  • They tell me what they can do and they do it – no excuses

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